Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Living Color

More than ever, the Internet is attempting to create a “virtual reality” experience: from simply interacting with someone instantaneously through AIM or a social networking site, to Second Life. Second Life allows people to create an avatar and live, virtually, a second life. While some avatars represent the user and both their physical looks and their lifestyle, the site is actually created so people can live a life they only dreamed of. MTVs “True Life” featured a girl was extremely shy but wanted to be a singer. She used Second Life to put on concerts and gatherings so that she could perform without seeing a “real” audience and getting nervous.

The Internet has yet to offer a virtual reality experience (incorporating all five senses) on a fully public level. However, some have pushed for Digital Scent Technology, which:

intends to change the interactive entertainment experience. The idea is to scent-enable movies, games, music, animation, or any digital media. Create a more immersive and captivating environment for your audience. Smell reaches out into a new, visceral dimension, transporting viewers, gamers, and music fans into the realm of the senses. Atmosphere, mood, emotion and characters can all be enhanced with scent. (Learn more about this by clicking here)

I think this is an amazing invention and should be incorporated into computers, game systems, and televisions for daily use. I think that the additional sensation of smell would help advertisers attract costumers. Advertisers already attempt to draw in customers using sight and sound stimulation. Adding scent to a commercial, especially for food would certainly draw in more consumers.

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  1. Have you tried out Second Life? Interesting comments, would like to know what you make of all this?