Thursday, January 29, 2009

McLuhan Remix

This is a post I just put up on my own blog, thought it would be a good addition to The Social Moose as well.

So, I recently heard from Jamie O'Neil, an assistant professor of digital media arts at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. Canisius is a Jesuit school, like my own Fordham University--in traditional parlance, we are sister schools. And Jamie is a media ecologist who was prompted to contact me by my friend, sister media ecologist, and fellow Media Ecology Association board member Ellen Rose from the University of New Brunswick. That's in Canada, you know...

So, Jamie is also a performance artist, and he has an alias, Kurt Weibers, or I guess you could call it a stage name, pseudonym, or what have you. Here's the deal, in his own words:

Jamie O'Neil is a video/performance artist, writer and teacher. In 2002, he created the virtual identity of Kurt Weibers for usage online, in videos and live performance seminars. Kurt Weibers is the spokesman for Global Point Strategies, which developed Navel Software for organizational change, as well as numerous motivational presentations on topics ranging from creativity, listening, time management and synchronicity, to quantitative research methods for understanding culture. Kurt Weibers works as a reporter, business consultant in Norway and a DJ / VJ (on the side) the latter role being the reason for his involvement in the McLuhan Remix project.
This write-up is taken from his McLuhan Remix website, which is worth a look. It includes some explanation of the remix or mash-up phenomenon, and its relationship to Marshall McLuhan, as well as a short video essay entitled, naturally enough, McLuhan Remix, which is made up of three YouTube videos. You can play them continuously on his McLuhan Remix page, but I will also embed them here for your convenience, dear reader:

McLuhan Remix: Prologue 1/3

McLuhan Remix: The Medium is the Mix 2/3

McLuhan Remix: Epilogue 3/3

There's other interesting material on kurtweibers's Channel on YouTube, which you can explore if you care to.

The bottom line, for me, is not so much that McLuhan was prescient, but simply that he was identifying the characteristics of electricity, electrical technology, and the electronic media environment, much as Lewis Mumford had done before him. Most of what is being hailed as new and unprecedented about contemporary digital technology is, in fact, characteristic of electric technology in general, and was recognized by media ecologists like Mumford and McLuhan over the course of the 20th century. That is why McLuhan is more relevant than ever today, as we continue to electrify just about everything we can. You might say that what we are doing is in one sense expanding the electronic media environment, but in another filling it in or filling it out, or to put it another way, coloring in between the power lines. Remixed drinks, anyone?

Digital Ethnography

In class we viewed some of the YouTube videos created and uploaded by my friend Mike Wesch. You can take a look at his YouTube channel Digital Ethnography by clicking on the title, and subscribe. But let's also embed some of his outstanding videos here at The Social Moose.

We can start with the final version of his award-winning
The Machine is Us/ing Us:

And his outstanding follow-up, Information R/evolution:

And how could we not include A Vision of Students Today?

And here's an extended lecture that is well worth an hour of your time, An anthropological introduction to YouTube:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've recently discovered three new websites involving social networking. Here are my thoughts on them:

Pros: This site basically acts as an outlet for you to connect online to your instant messaging accounts. The sight is a host to AOL Instant Messaging (AIM), Yahoo, MSN, and Google Talk. I've found that it is a great way to keep in touch with people instantly when you are on a computer that does not have the instant messaging program you use.
Cons: The only downfall is that some of the screen names are saved differently than at-home IM programs. For example, at home I put in everyone's first and last name on display, and now I don't know their SN. It is a problem on meebo because it usually only displays the person's sn.
Overall: Great!

Pros: This site is mostly for meeting people instead of reconnecting with people you already know. You can friend, or "favorite" a person, and then instantly chat with them via webcam.
Cons: The webcam sessions expire at 2 minutes. Clearly not enough time to get to know anyone. Also, I found it is more of an online dating site than anything else.
Overall: Mehh...

Pros: This networking site allows people to look for a job, look to fill a company's position, or to simply interact with former colleagues and classmates. On this site, you can post your resume, past experiences, skills, training, etc. Also, someone can write a recommendation for you to give you an extra boost in the job market.
Cons: Not enough people know about it yet! While I am still finding people to join my network, I am discovering that most of the people I know (professionals or students) haven't heard about linkedin.
Overall: Great!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Following and Followers

About a week ago, most of us signed up for twitter. Even though, I have not been using it much yet, by viewing other people's tweets, I've noticed a few trends. While everyone uses it to let other's know what they are up to, businesses use twitter to inform others of what is going on, but also to create awareness about their respective business. Currently, I am following NYTimes, Starbucks, CNN, and CBS. In terms of news updates, every source I am following is quick to tweet anything news worthy, but I've noticed NYTimes' updates are a bit more frequent. Additionally, it is interesting to see how professionals use twitter to create awareness about their company, what events they are attending, and how to get others involved with their company. If companies master using twitter (and any other form of social media) to their advantage - it can probably be very beneficial. But it also brings up the question - whether or not businesses should follow those who follow them? Could it be better for business? It would be interesting to find out...

My daily habits

I have been using the internet since the mid 90's with the start of, to this day I still have an aol screen name but it is rarely used because I like the interface better. Prior to college that is all I used, following the news feed religiously. During high school I was really into underground metal so of course I was always on searching all my favorite bands and looking for something new to pop up. Once my senior year came around I slowly got out of the metal phase (i still listen occasionally) and started to love underground hip-hop, I never would want to get off the comp because of always having something new at my fingertips. After high school I stopped using the internet frequently due to playing water polo for Fordham every second of everyday. For three years I was out of the loop, never up to date on current events or music. Finally I stopped playing and began to use the internet again for informational purposes. Recently I have become an internet freak again constantly needing to read some sort of newsfeed or listen to new music. I cant help myself from browsing the internet for hours with out any concept of time. Going from my fordham account to youtube and never stopping from there. Anyone have any  sites they can suggest to make me stay on the internet for that much longer?

My ski dream!!!

SKi Video check out this video...i'm an intermediate skier pushing myself doing some expert trails... this video shows what i'd like to do one day, except the fall at the end...i'd rather land it successfully. also, another thing i want to do is to jump from a helicopter onto the top of a mountain and ski all the way down...its funny, i just got into skiing last year, and i picked it up really quickly...i'm actually buying my own skis next week...just something i wanted to share with everyone...enjoy...

The Window to the World

My daily dose of the internet is served with a spoonful of news with a side french fried potatoes. I most frequently check out a website called Drudge Report. Drudge Report is a website that is full of the news of the world. The website does not do any actual reporting, but instead it provides links to the stories of hundreds of different news outlets. This allows drudge report to connect users with what seems to be the most unbiased news stories all the time. The website is free from faction because it does not have any agenda, nor does it have sponsors that need to be kept happy by stories' content. Additionally, there is no organizational slant on all the stories. There is no one sending memo's around Drudge Report to only link up conservative or liberal stories. Drudge Report has become my best friend recently. Ever since mid semester last year when I obtained an internet ready cell phone, I have checked Drudge Report nearly four to five times daily.

global community

      In the introduction to the book, several questions were posed in regards to the current debates involving cyberspace. One was, "Is cyberspace creating a global community?" To this, I would answer yes. Whether through the Internet, texting, or some other form of communication through technology, we can instantaneously connect with people from all over the world . The Internet, or more specifically social networks, allow us to connect with people we know or meet friends from all over the world. 
      Personally, Facebook has helped me reconnect with people from my past. In 5th grade my best friend moved away to Georgia. I had her mailing address so we attempted to keep in touch. However, after a few months, we slowly lost touch. After 10 years of not seeing or talking to one another, I got a Facebook message from her. She told me she was moving back to St Louis and that we should meet up. It turned out she moved into a house only three blocks from me. Since that summer we have become close again. If it were not for Facebook, we probably would never have seen each other again. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Daily Media

I don't really follow a routine with the internet, but I am always on it. Whether it's sending .mp3's over gmail to A&R's and managers, or browsing Youtube, I am always in touch with the world wide web. I do check Facebook and Myspace almost everyday, but I am slowly stopping because I have found Twitter! Twitter is a much more simpler site, but allows me to update my status, which is what I really appreciate. I'd rather only see what my friends and some of my favorite musicians are doing at the moment than being friends with them on Facebook or Myspace (Much less junk is thrown your way on Twitter). I also enjoy looking at ESPN and a few other sites that amuse me. I'm still open to find other websites that I may enjoy, and I hope over the course of the class I will. See you guys tomorrow...

Random Interactive Media film

Well I went to the bookstore for the 6 time this semester, 5 more times then I have ever been in any single semester, and still no book for our class. It makes me a little sad to say I cant be blogging about are class readings but im guessing we will all be another week behind. So instead of blogging about that, I browsed for some related movies on Interactive Media and of course I only found non-sense, one of the films I found was on Hans Rosling at a Scandinavian Interactive Media Event . For some reason I can not embed this video, so if you search Hans Rosling im sure it will come up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marketing Books in the Digital Age

This YouTube video provides a great deal of insight into the book publishing industry as it functions in the digital media environment:

Or not.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Pills!!!

Over the winter break I was in Barcelona with a few other fordham students on the Spain Trip. the trip was amazing, the sights, the parties, everything... there was one interesting place that we came across in the commercial district of the city. The place was called Happy Pills. It was a small store with the name "Happy Pills" on it and the Red Cross symbol underneath. so many ideas went running through my mind about what the store could be selling...turns out it was a candy store with candies packed like prescriptions with labels to cure wacky "diseases" like sitting at home during football sunday...and many was a funny store...just thought I'd share with everyone..

A Missing Link

daily media

    Everyday I tend to check the same couple of websites: Facebook,,, etc. I most commonly use Google as my search engine, because it is my homepage. I also check my Fordham and .Mac email. Some blogs I look at every so often include celeb gossip sites like Perez Hilton, What Would Tyler Durden Do?, and I'm Not Obsessed. Other technology I find usedfule on a daily basis include my iPod (which has AIM, Facebook, and Internet through WiFi) and my cellphone, which I use for texting (it's a very basic cellphone). 

   When I have more time on my hands I usually glance at YouTube and find some entertaining videos. Here are a few that I enjoy:

Media Usage

The internet is an endless source of information and resources. My daily usage of the internet consists of checking email, at least several times a day, checking facebook, and mostly doing some type of research. Three out of my five closest friends currently live outside of New York, one of them is just several hours away by car, while the other is overseas. Checking email frequently allows us to have conversations and communicate with each other on a regular basis. Even though it may be difficult for us to talk on the phone because of time differences, and schedule conflicts - emailing each other regularly makes us feel that in one way or another everyone is quite close. Also, I help come up with different projects for local youth groups, so many a times I spend my time doing research --> looking at other organizations and figuring out how they do what they do, looking for team building activities, and other useful information for youth group leaders. Throughout the day I tend to check the New York Times website regularly to get my daily dose of news. Additionally, I use the internet to instant message friends, check bank statements, and buy books.

How I use the internet

It's sad to say... but I use the internet more for Facebook than anything else. Dom's right... it is an awful addiction. Otherwise, I typically use Firefox or Safari to check my school e-mail and my G-Mail account. I don't usually use iChat because I'm not much for talking online, but if I am on, I'm usually invisible! On a day to day basis I also check the gossip blogs Dlisted and Perez Hilton... they're so funny, I seriously can't get enough. Somehow by reading about the lives of celebrities it makes me feel a little bit more normal. I also still use MySpace a lot even though it seems to be the least popular social network of people our age. I mainly use it for music! So many bands have Myspace profiles putting up their own blogs of updates, tourdates, new songs, and music videos. One of my favorite bands, Valencia only put certain things on their MySpace so I feel the need to check up on them basically once a week. I also can't help but check any new updates for the band festival Bamboozle. I go almost every year and it's a big deal for me. Another website I go to often is Threadless, a website where people can post their own designs they created for T-shirts. If you have an account you can rate the t-shirts and help choose which one will actually be printed for people to buy. You can even make money off of the t-shirt if they're re-printed more than once! It's pretty cool and a great place to find completely unique t-shirts which nobody else will have.
Yet another weakness I have when it comes to the internet is watching TV shows. I am a HUGE tv buff. I have so many favorite shows that it's so hard to keep up with them all. I usually miss the new episodes when the air on tv and end up watching them online. This is probably what takes up most of my time when I use the internet. I watch a lot of The Office, Lost, and That 70s Show. The fact that ABC has EVERY episode of Lost online has definitely effected my studying habits... oops.

Getting Out Your Dreams on the Internet

The internet, as of late, has really become a way for artists, comedians, and actors (etc.) to break out into their industries. Websites like Myspace, Youtube, and Facebook are all social networks that help these aspiring artists gain a fan base and spread the word about their work. These websites are not only for the artists trying to get out their dreams though; they are meant for everyone and anyone who wants to have their voice heard. Some of these people actually obtain a substantial following from their blogging or vlogging done over the internet. These people have come to be known as "internet celebrities". I found this interesting article on them if you'd like to check it out : Internet Celebrity phenomenon!

This is my favorite quote from the article: "Fame is no longer about getting "15 minutes"; it's about becoming famous to 15 people."

Here's another link to some of the most popular people, videos/films, and sites that became huge because of the internet: List of internet celebrities!

America's Song 2009

Thought I'd post this because it's inauguration day. My teacher for the Sixties class sent this to us and I thought it was a pretty good example of how the U.S. is changing. As my teacher put it, in the Sixties the biggest nightmare of all was for blacks and whites to mingle together. Today this is exactly what has happened and now we have over come many boundaries and have the first black President. Obama is a sign of hope for many and has brought together millions of people. In this video country singer Faith Hill is singing along side Seal and In this sixties this would have never been possible. If we could have overcome this during such a time of fear, then I have faith that we can overcome anything else that comes our way.

More Than 25 Million Americans Pirate Movies

Digital Life America, a unit of the Solutions Research Group, has found that out of the 32 million Americans who have downloaded at least 1 movie from the Internet, 80 percent have done so over P2P.

According to the group, 25.6 million Americans have illegally downloaded a full-length movie from the Internet. That’s 18 percent of the total US online population.

2,600 Americans took part in the study via telephone and on the web. The study found that users basically don’t believe or care that movie studios are losing money when someone illegally downloads a movie. Interestingly, 78 percent of the people found stealing a DVD from a store to be a “serious offence”, but only 40 percent considered downloading a movie to be just as bad.

Director of the study, Kaan Yigit said in a statement that the movie industry was suffering from the “Robin Hood effect” due to the large profits it makes. “There is a Robin Hood effect — most people perceive celebrities and studios to be rich already and as a result don’t think of movie downloading as a big deal,” he said.

Just as we noted in a recent piece, the study found that unless a legal offering is competitive enough, users are not going to stop downloading pirated movies. “The current crop of ‘download to own’ movie services and the new ones coming into the market will need to offer greater flexibility of use, selection and low prices to convert the current users to their services — otherwise file-sharing will continue to thrive,” said Yigit.
I knowwww what you're thinking but you must admit it's frighteningly catchy....well supposed this guy blew up and everyone's stuck on the song all over the world...hahaha.

Moose Tracks - Crossing the Internet Super Highway

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the first website I check in the morning is Facebook. It's a horrible addiction that will haunt me until it becomes uncool.  I consider myself to be an entertainment guru, so after I check all of my updates on Facebook I comb through the different entertainment trade websites (Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood ReporterRolling Stone) as well as a few underground websites about the different industries (AbsolutePunk, ComingSoon).  My final destination before beginning my day would have to be my favorite music blogs (PrettyMuchAmazing, HypeMachine, Ali's Blog, and of course Kanye's Blog). I highly suggest checking out these websites if you're interested in music, film, or television and let me know what you think. 

I don't check my email as much as I'd like to, but I do keep in contact with my family and friends through aim and text messages. Other than checking my entertainment websites and talking to my friends, I spend my time on the internet keeping up with all of my favorite television shows (SurfTheChannel). This is the best website, in my opinion, to watch almost any and every television show and film. 

Also, at the end of every post I'm going to leave a music recommendation. It'll be something I discovered or can't stop listening to at the time. 

Animal Collective - My girls - Beach Boy's Pet Sounds meets electronica

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Bloggie Lie Over the Ocean

I just put up a post about The Social Moose on my own blog: Meet The Social Moose. That link will take you to the specific page for that blog post, which is The name of my blog is Lance Strate's Blog Time Passing, and the URL for the blog is And in case you haven't noticed, the address for this blog is And the URL for this particular post is You can always get to the specific page for a specific post by clicking on the title of the post, for example by clicking on My Bloggie Lies Over the Ocean. That's also where you'll find any comments that have been added to the post. And you can always get back to the main blog page by click on the title of the blog up at the top of the page, in this case, The Social Moose. This is all stating the obvious, but someone's got to do it, and that's why I get paid the big bucks!

I'm freeee

Thought this article was pretty interesting. It's about how the RIAA won't be suing file sharers anymore due to the fact that it didn't really stop people from doing it anyways... duh. Looks like those of us who have gotten threatening e-mails like myself are finally free to download illegally once again! YESSSSS! Now they're just threatening to take away our internet if we're caught... hmmm, a chance I'm willing to take. Check it out:

Listening to: CAKE- Love You Madly

Activities and usage on the net

The first thing I do when I wake up (besides going to the restroom) is check my email at Within gmail I always get emails to upcoming deals on gadgets, software and hardware (I'm a video editor) and spend some time researching whats out there. Then I will respond to any work/school related emails. I also check if I have any messages on facebook. This is ussually a very quick activity which consists of me responding to any wall posts or friend requests then scrolling down my friends list to see there status updates.
After facebook I go to and to check up on the EPL (English premier league is a football, I mean soccer league in England). This is where I spend most of my time on the web. I like to check up on trnasfers, up and coming players, new coaches etc. If I have time I might indulge in a little or but I mostly go to to get my viral fix. After that it is off to to check on more EPL news and general news around the world and then to If I have free time I ussually go to and watch Arrested Development or the Office. Finally I end with some online banking and financial stuff. Overall, my activity online is sparing, ussually consisting of five to ten minute intervals at a time. At most, I would say I spend about 30 minutes to an hour online a day (this does not include my time spent watching TV shows which could bring it up to about 1 to 2 hours a day).

Happy Times...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well I went t0 the book store the other day and the book is still not in stock. So instead of buying and reading the book I found a video befitting to our litlle blog, so with out further delay a Moose attack in the middle of a blizzard. This is one of the many OCD habits that I have picked up through out the years. On a daily basis I would say I go on about four website, including youtube, facebook, imdb (little facts that I need to know) and my favorite ninjavideo. This is a website devoted to free movie downloads which help me save a little money away from my other terrible habits.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

audio files in the blog?

I wish there was some way to put audio files in the blog...Over the next few months, i'll be heading into the studios for listening sessions with different artists from different record labels, and i wish there was a way to show some of the tracks i've made to get feedback from all of you...i'll try to figure out a way to post some links, but i hope you guys have a good weekend; i'll check back soon. p.s. is the book in the book store yet?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moose, Moz, and Me

Thanks to Wikipedia, we know the word "moose" is derived from the Algonquian Eastern Abnaki name "moz," which loosely translates to "twig eater." 

Let's all take a moment and let that sink in. 

Medieval Helpdesk or Introducing the Book

Lets Take a Minute To Learn the Groundrule

Straight Moose'n, No Goose'n!
Hi Bloggers!

Media Ecology Video

The Name's Moose and It's Time to Get Loose

First Time Blogger, Long Time Listener. 

1st Post

I've never done any blogging like this before. I'm only a member of Facebook so I don't really know much about Twitter, digg, delicious, or anything else like this. I'm hoping to learn more about web 2.0 through this class .

first time blogging but im gonna say I like it already. get ready for the BLOG


The Social Moose will be the best blog ever. Know what I'm talking aboot?


I've never really blogged before... this should be interesting. I'm kinda glad we chose a moose... I'm always a moose when my friends and I play the game Zoo. I'll also probably always post some kind of a song that I'm listening to out of habit. Good song stuck in my head right now: Rihanna- Emergency Room.

Good Times at Fordham University

Well, its the first day of class and boy oh boy am I excited! Can't wait to see what awaits us on this journey of education. Because this is an interactive media class, here is a video I made with some friends a couple years back. Be warned, it is very ridiculous and borders on idiotic but it did get me a phone call from MTV to be on a new show they are creating. Who knew interactive media could create such opportunities.

Moose Ears

This is my first post on the blog, any blog as a matter of fact. Should be interesting. My goal is to make as many references to moose as possible and interactive media. Good luck and good night.

First post for the class!

Hello class, this is David K. I am a senior with a split concentration in marketing and management. I also am a full time music producer that works in close company with various record labels.  I am looking forward towards blogging in this class about the topics we discuss and showing my progress as an upcoming music producer in New York City. I will be posting again soon with more news as the class moves along... Thanks for reading!
-Dave K

Dear Journal,

Hi !!

Welcoming the Social Moose

The Social Moose. It's a strange name for a blog, but the kids seem to like it. Well, anyway, here's our syllabus, at least for now:

CM 3307; Interactive Media; Spring 2009
Dr. Lance Strate, Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 434A
Telephone: (718) 817-4864; E-mail:
Office Hours: Mon. 4:30-5:30 & 7:30-8:30; Tues. 1-2; Wed. 2-3; or by appointment.
Point of View of This Course:
In this course, we will create a collaborative learning environment, and learning community, in order to explore, examine, and understand the contemporary online media environment, including the recent phenomenon known as social networking and Web 2.0.
Required Text:
Communication and Cyberspace: Social Interaction in an Electronic Environment (Second Edition), edited by Lance Strate, Ron L. Jacobson, & Stephanie Gibson.
Additional readings will be provided in class or online.
Course Objectives:
1. To explore and participate in the contemporary online media environment and the social networking/Web 2.0 phenomenon.
2. To examine the contemporary online media environment from a variety of different perspectives, including the aesthetic, phenomenological, philosophical, critical, historical, anthropological, psychological, and media ecological.
3. To analyze the personal, social, and cultural implications of the contemporary online media environment.
1. Participation. First, there is the Fordham College policy that unexcused absences are grounds for failure. Second, there is the basic requirement that you attend class with a minimum of absences (excused or unexcused), and that you come to class on time and remain for the full duration of class. Third, you need to participate sensibly during class meetings. Fourth, you need to contribute to the class blog, and participate in other group activities online, including an exploration of social media sites such as MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube. Participation will account for 20% of the final grade.
2. Written Work and Other Creative Activity. You will be required to produce written commentary and analysis and post it on our public blog. This will include assessments of assigned readings, discussion and analysis of online experiences and materials, and commentary on each other's work. Your written work will be graded in terms of quantity, timeliness, and quality, and will account for 60% of the final grade.
3. Examinations. There will be a final examination, which will account for 20% of the final grade.

Tentative Schedule

Jan. 13 Introduction to the Class
Jan. 20 Basic Concepts
Reading Due: Introduction, Introductions to Sections 1-4, & Chap. 14
Jan. 27 Interaction and Learning Online
Reading Due: Chaps. 12, 13, 19, 20
Feb. 3 Hypertext and Online Writing
Reading Due: Chaps. 15, 16, 17
Feb. 10 Virtual Worlds
Reading Due: Chaps. 5, 6, 7
Feb. 17 Monday Schedule—No Class Meeting
Feb. 24 Time and Space
Reading Due: Chap. 22 and "Varieties of Cyberspace"
Mar. 3 History and Policy
Reading Due: Chaps. 8, 9, 10, 11
Mar. 10 Issues of Control
Reading Due: Chaps. 3, 4, 21
Mar. 17 Spring Recess — No Class Meeting
Mar. 24 Critical Perspectives
Reading Due: Chaps. 1, 2, 18, and the Epilogue
Mar. 31 Reading Due: TBA
Apr. 7 Reading Due: TBA
Apr. 14 Reading Due: TBA
Apr. 21 Reading Due: TBA
Apr. 28 Conclusion to the Course
May 11 *MONDAY* 1:30-3:30 Final Exam