Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My daily habits

I have been using the internet since the mid 90's with the start of aol.com, to this day I still have an aol screen name but it is rarely used because I like the fordham.edu interface better. Prior to college that is all I used, following the news feed religiously. During high school I was really into underground metal so of course I was always on undergroundmetal.com searching all my favorite bands and looking for something new to pop up. Once my senior year came around I slowly got out of the metal phase (i still listen occasionally) and started to love underground hip-hop, I never would want to get off the comp because of always having something new at my fingertips. After high school I stopped using the internet frequently due to playing water polo for Fordham every second of everyday. For three years I was out of the loop, never up to date on current events or music. Finally I stopped playing and began to use the internet again for informational purposes. Recently I have become an internet freak again constantly needing to read some sort of newsfeed or listen to new music. I cant help myself from browsing the internet for hours with out any concept of time. Going from my fordham account to youtube and never stopping from there. Anyone have any  sites they can suggest to make me stay on the internet for that much longer?

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  1. habits! you know, the idea of internet addiction was first put forth, on the internet, as a joke, but people started to take it seriously.