Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Pills!!!


Over the winter break I was in Barcelona with a few other fordham students on the Spain Trip. the trip was amazing, the sights, the parties, everything... there was one interesting place that we came across in the commercial district of the city. The place was called Happy Pills. It was a small store with the name "Happy Pills" on it and the Red Cross symbol underneath. so many ideas went running through my mind about what the store could be selling...turns out it was a candy store with candies packed like prescriptions with labels to cure wacky "diseases" like sitting at home during football sunday...and many others....it was a funny store...just thought I'd share with everyone..

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  1. Of course, we might wonder if it in some way promotes the prescription drug industry. When I was a kid, they had chocolate cigarettes, the same size and shape as a cigarette, wrapped in cigarette paper. And bubblegum cigars.