Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've recently discovered three new websites involving social networking. Here are my thoughts on them:

Pros: This site basically acts as an outlet for you to connect online to your instant messaging accounts. The sight is a host to AOL Instant Messaging (AIM), Yahoo, MSN, and Google Talk. I've found that it is a great way to keep in touch with people instantly when you are on a computer that does not have the instant messaging program you use.
Cons: The only downfall is that some of the screen names are saved differently than at-home IM programs. For example, at home I put in everyone's first and last name on display, and now I don't know their SN. It is a problem on meebo because it usually only displays the person's sn.
Overall: Great!

Pros: This site is mostly for meeting people instead of reconnecting with people you already know. You can friend, or "favorite" a person, and then instantly chat with them via webcam.
Cons: The webcam sessions expire at 2 minutes. Clearly not enough time to get to know anyone. Also, I found it is more of an online dating site than anything else.
Overall: Mehh...

Pros: This networking site allows people to look for a job, look to fill a company's position, or to simply interact with former colleagues and classmates. On this site, you can post your resume, past experiences, skills, training, etc. Also, someone can write a recommendation for you to give you an extra boost in the job market.
Cons: Not enough people know about it yet! While I am still finding people to join my network, I am discovering that most of the people I know (professionals or students) haven't heard about linkedin.
Overall: Great!


  1. Great to see you touring the sites of social media! It would be helpful to make the 3 URLs active links. Some turn out to be great ideas, others, as you put it, meh! (btw, there was a flurry of tweets several weeks ago about "meh" and where and when it originated. Mike Wesch tracked it down to an early episode of The Simpsons. Anyway, sounds like an online version of speed dating.

  2. I will change the text to links so it's easier to see the websites. Very interesting about "meh." I would like to see that Simpson's video, perhaps I will search for it. It is always interesting to see how and where certain slang began.

  3. I have signed up for Linkedin. Seems like a cool site. I looked around it and viewed some job postings. One interesting person had a job posting but it was for an advanced position which I didn't quality for. So I wanted to put her in my network to see if there will be any available positions in the future. The site didn't allow me to do that since I didn't know her personally and proceeded to lead me to a site where I'd have to pa a fee to contact people. I thought it was free....?