Tuesday, January 20, 2009

daily media

    Everyday I tend to check the same couple of websites: Facebook, CNN.com, Yahoo.com, etc. I most commonly use Google as my search engine, because it is my homepage. I also check my Fordham and .Mac email. Some blogs I look at every so often include celeb gossip sites like Perez Hilton, What Would Tyler Durden Do?, and I'm Not Obsessed. Other technology I find usedfule on a daily basis include my iPod (which has AIM, Facebook, and Internet through WiFi) and my cellphone, which I use for texting (it's a very basic cellphone). 

   When I have more time on my hands I usually glance at YouTube and find some entertaining videos. Here are a few that I enjoy:

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  1. Thanks! And why not embed the videos to make them easier for us to access?