Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I use the internet

It's sad to say... but I use the internet more for Facebook than anything else. Dom's right... it is an awful addiction. Otherwise, I typically use Firefox or Safari to check my school e-mail and my G-Mail account. I don't usually use iChat because I'm not much for talking online, but if I am on, I'm usually invisible! On a day to day basis I also check the gossip blogs Dlisted and Perez Hilton... they're so funny, I seriously can't get enough. Somehow by reading about the lives of celebrities it makes me feel a little bit more normal. I also still use MySpace a lot even though it seems to be the least popular social network of people our age. I mainly use it for music! So many bands have Myspace profiles putting up their own blogs of updates, tourdates, new songs, and music videos. One of my favorite bands, Valencia only put certain things on their MySpace so I feel the need to check up on them basically once a week. I also can't help but check any new updates for the band festival Bamboozle. I go almost every year and it's a big deal for me. Another website I go to often is Threadless, a website where people can post their own designs they created for T-shirts. If you have an account you can rate the t-shirts and help choose which one will actually be printed for people to buy. You can even make money off of the t-shirt if they're re-printed more than once! It's pretty cool and a great place to find completely unique t-shirts which nobody else will have.
Yet another weakness I have when it comes to the internet is watching TV shows. I am a HUGE tv buff. I have so many favorite shows that it's so hard to keep up with them all. I usually miss the new episodes when the air on tv and end up watching them online. This is probably what takes up most of my time when I use the internet. I watch a lot of The Office, Lost, and That 70s Show. The fact that ABC has EVERY episode of Lost online has definitely effected my studying habits... oops.

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  1. Interesting, and no doubt as folks like you have turned to the internet for celebrity gossip, magazines like People and Us, and the National Enquirer for that matter, have taken a serious hit in circulation.