Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Following and Followers

About a week ago, most of us signed up for twitter. Even though, I have not been using it much yet, by viewing other people's tweets, I've noticed a few trends. While everyone uses it to let other's know what they are up to, businesses use twitter to inform others of what is going on, but also to create awareness about their respective business. Currently, I am following NYTimes, Starbucks, CNN, and CBS. In terms of news updates, every source I am following is quick to tweet anything news worthy, but I've noticed NYTimes' updates are a bit more frequent. Additionally, it is interesting to see how professionals use twitter to create awareness about their company, what events they are attending, and how to get others involved with their company. If companies master using twitter (and any other form of social media) to their advantage - it can probably be very beneficial. But it also brings up the question - whether or not businesses should follow those who follow them? Could it be better for business? It would be interesting to find out...

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  1. You pose very good questions here, Bhakti. These are exactly the questions that professionals in advertising, marketing, and PR are asking, and agonizing over.