Tuesday, January 27, 2009

global community

      In the introduction to the book, several questions were posed in regards to the current debates involving cyberspace. One was, "Is cyberspace creating a global community?" To this, I would answer yes. Whether through the Internet, texting, or some other form of communication through technology, we can instantaneously connect with people from all over the world . The Internet, or more specifically social networks, allow us to connect with people we know or meet friends from all over the world. 
      Personally, Facebook has helped me reconnect with people from my past. In 5th grade my best friend moved away to Georgia. I had her mailing address so we attempted to keep in touch. However, after a few months, we slowly lost touch. After 10 years of not seeing or talking to one another, I got a Facebook message from her. She told me she was moving back to St Louis and that we should meet up. It turned out she moved into a house only three blocks from me. Since that summer we have become close again. If it were not for Facebook, we probably would never have seen each other again. 

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  1. There certainly is a breaking down of goegraphical barriers, and an ability to maintain relationships, and forge new ones, regardless of distance. But is this what we mean by "global community"? What is a community?