Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Window to the World

My daily dose of the internet is served with a spoonful of news with a side french fried potatoes. I most frequently check out a website called Drudge Report. Drudge Report is a website that is full of the news of the world. The website does not do any actual reporting, but instead it provides links to the stories of hundreds of different news outlets. This allows drudge report to connect users with what seems to be the most unbiased news stories all the time. The website is free from faction because it does not have any agenda, nor does it have sponsors that need to be kept happy by stories' content. Additionally, there is no organizational slant on all the stories. There is no one sending memo's around Drudge Report to only link up conservative or liberal stories. Drudge Report has become my best friend recently. Ever since mid semester last year when I obtained an internet ready cell phone, I have checked Drudge Report nearly four to five times daily.

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  1. I've often argued against critics who say that Americans only get a very narrow range of news for this very reason, the multiplicity of source available online, and also through cable and satellite TV. I doubt, however, that any source is free from bias, there always is a point of view involved, selection criteria always have a basis in some approach or perspective.