Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting Out Your Dreams on the Internet

The internet, as of late, has really become a way for artists, comedians, and actors (etc.) to break out into their industries. Websites like Myspace, Youtube, and Facebook are all social networks that help these aspiring artists gain a fan base and spread the word about their work. These websites are not only for the artists trying to get out their dreams though; they are meant for everyone and anyone who wants to have their voice heard. Some of these people actually obtain a substantial following from their blogging or vlogging done over the internet. These people have come to be known as "internet celebrities". I found this interesting article on them if you'd like to check it out : Internet Celebrity phenomenon!

This is my favorite quote from the article: "Fame is no longer about getting "15 minutes"; it's about becoming famous to 15 people."

Here's another link to some of the most popular people, videos/films, and sites that became huge because of the internet: List of internet celebrities!

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  1. Excellent post! Every new medium creates a new kind of hero, or as we tend to call them nowadays, celebrity--my doctoral dissertation was on the relationship between media environments and cultural conceptions of the hero.