Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Denver Business Journal Article

I found something interesting about social networking and how its overtaking email....

Study: Social networks overtake e-mail

Denver Business Journal - by Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

Propelled by the growth of Facebook Inc. and LinkedIn Corp., social networks are now more popular than e-mailing on the Internet, according to a Nielsen study.

Nielsen said "member communities" are now at 67 percent participation while e-mail is at 65 percent.

The study found that of Internet users throughout the world, two-thirds visited a social networking site last year. Of those, Facebook is the leader, with visits every month by three of every 10 Internet users, the Nielsen study reports.

In fact, Facebook had a 168 percent increase in users, the study said, while LinkedIn had a 137 percent increase.

The biggest growth spurt for Facebook has been in the category of users from 35 to 49 years of age.


  1. I do see how many people check their social networks before checking their email, and go to the networks more frequently, but I'm not sure if more people are on them than on email. Don't you need email to set up a social media profile in the first place? Maybe it's just that people set up multiple profiles?

  2. i think all social networks - well most require an email to sign up. and its probably just that people are visiting social networks more often