Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twitterdee and Tweeterdum

Twitter is once again in the news. Hollllaaaa

Twitter does it again. This time Twitter outshines the powerhouse social networking site Facebook based on its yearly growth. The CNN story reports that between February '08 and '09, Twitter's users jumped from 475,000 all the way to 7 Million according to Nielsen NetView. That's just one year with a 1,374% increase in users. I can't even imagine what the statitistics will be next February.
Nevertheless, the interesting part of all this is the comparison to Facebook who reached 65.7 millios users, with a growth of 228%. So if my general arithmatic isn't as bad I remember it being, that would put the amount of Facebook users just below 30 million. Considering that in just one year Twitter went from under half a million to 7 million, it seems like Twitter could certainly contend with the amount of users of Facebook in a just a couple of years.

By comparison, Facebook grew 228 percent, to 65.7 million users, during the same period.

saw a 1,374 percent jump in unique visitors between February 2008 and February this year, up to 7 million from only 475,000, according to

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  1. so, what do you think this all means? and why do these stories have to be framed as competition, conflict, even warfare?