Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plato's cave, VR, and South Park

I believe that Plato's cave could be used for all situations and all new technologies, even though that his theory goes so well with Virtual Reality. I am very intrigued by Zeitl's claim of "as prisoners in Plato's cave, we willingly restrict our vision by putting on a helmet that displays only a world of shadow." This is so true! I know even now with basic video games that peoples lives are entirely wrapped up in video games. Look at World of War Craft where thousands of people's lives are entirely taken up in the game, there is even a currency that you can buy on ebay to give your online character more experience. This is the epitemy of Plato's cave, where people sit at there computer for endless hours making a virtual reality character stronger and bigger while there real lives are at a standstill. The best depiction of people living in VR is South Park's episode Make Love not WarCraft

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  1. Absolutely! Plato's cave was meant, by Plato, to represent the human condition in general, in which we think we are experiencing reality directly, but in fact are only seeing shadows, reflections of the true reality. Of course, he thought actual reality consisted of ideal forms, abstract ideas rather than material things and physical energy. Plato was a bit of a loon, after all.