Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some interesting social networks...

I came across:


The typical social networking website - kind of like MySpace and Facebook - but it has a lot more international users, or so it seems. The one thing I found interesting - was the option for a Royal Membership. If you pay $17.95 then you will be able to: see who viewed your homepage, Ad-free homepage & browsing, Homepage styling w/ javascript, Unlimited messaging, Full access to user profiles, Show/hide online status, Show/hide friend list, Anonymous browsing for 12 months.


This website allows you to update all of your social networks in one shot. Even though they are in their Beta session, they support at least 30 networking sites.


  1. I've heard about ping from folks on Twitter; Plaxo Pulse and FriendFeed are similar services. Zorpia is a new one on me, interesting how they're combining free social networking driven by advertising with the paying model along the lines of the old America OnLine.

  2. yea i thought it was quite interesting - how they were combining everything as well - while wondering how many people would actually pay for it when there are other free options?

  3. I agree to both statements...There's rumors that Facebook may turn into a paid service. I wonder if people WOULD pay for Facebook? I must admit I'm one of the people who are pretty attached to it....