Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun Times :)

I thought it might be cool to post about some of the cool things I found on the Net that relate to our class. Ok. Here we go.

1) A site I believe everybody should be checking out is TED. The tag line at the top of the page is "Ideas worth Spreading". The main function of the site is to introduce users to the TED conferences which brings together the best and brightest minds together to talk about innovation and the future. It basically is a place where geniuses talk about their ideas and inventions. The talks range from science, technology, space, design, education.... pretty much anything worth studying about.

To highlight this site, I chose a video that recently came out describing a new type of techonolgy that brings the interactive nature of the computer on the go. If you watch any video, try and watch this.

Think about the possibilities the machine could have when it is further developed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out TED for hundreds of videos like this.

2) Like I mentioned last class, Vimeo is a fun social media website that allows you to share and upload high res videos. The cool thing that makes it different from youtube is that the community at Vimeo is one of semi professional and professional video artists. This means you get higher quality content if you are into film, graphics or even just entertainment. Here is an example of the videos on Vimeo (it want let me embed the videos so just click the pics):

As you can see, vimeo has videos for those interested in film, entertainment and informative videos. Check it out some time.

3) I love food so here are two sites I recommend for those of you who are interested in cooking.
The first is an open source food site called nibbledish.
Yummy. This is a kind of social network site where users from all over the world can create a profile and upload their own recipes. It became very popular and now has thousands of recipes created by everyday people like you and me. This means that the instructions are clear cut and easy to follow. I just tried the following recipe and oh my GOD! It was amazing (click on image for recipe):

Another site for those of you who are feeling a bit adventurous is maangchi. Because I grew up eating Korean food (my mother is Korean) I have always tried to cook it for myself but failed miserably. At first, I thought it was because I was just a bad cook but realized I just needed clear cut instructions on how to do it. Enter Maangchi's website. Basically, Maanchi's site is a blog slash video diary a Korean mom put up explaining in detail how to make great Korean food. Her instructions are very clear cut and she even explains how and where to buy weird Korean ingredients you will never find in any American shopping center. Here is a recipe of my favorite Korean dish I made the other day (click on image for video recipe):

(oddly enough, the video is hosted on Vimeo)

Alright. Hope you enjoyed the links. Happy Times and two thumbs up :)


  1. Ted really has some fabulous short lectures. Great stuff all around, Ian!

  2. TED is impressive. To say the least.
    The food looks super yummy! Thanks for the sites!

  3. As noted in class, TED is an extraordinary resource. The Vimeo videos were all outstanding, you're quite right about the quality. The guacamole piece was hilarious, and the one on Iran was a real eye-opener. And interesting to see the cooking sites as well--no doubt, this will pretty much cut out the market for cookbooks!

  4. TED talks are quite useful - it provides a variety of information - helpful in enhancing presentations.