Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Tweeter is a Twitter Interface that allows you to post new tweets through Facebook, automatically updates your status whenever you tweet (from anywhere), and view tweets from your Facebook Network.

To get started you'll need a Twitter Account.

Then, go to the settings tab and set your twitter username and password (we DO encrypt and store this information **). Once set, you can post tweets directly through Tweeter.

Soon after setting your username, you'll notice a new follower called "fb_tweeter". That's us, so don't block it!!

This is a fully functional beta release, so please don't hesitate to offer suggestions or bug reports.


Friends Timeline
Lists all tweets from your facebook friends who are also Tweeters. This listing is cached, so it'll still work when Twitter is down - but won't be updated until twitter is working again

Tweeters Timeline
Lists all tweets from all Tweeters. This listing is also cached like the Friends Timeline.

Facebook Profile Links
When Tweeter shows a Tweeter's tweet, it shows their Facebook picture and links to their profile. The same goes for @person's links. If the person is a Tweeter, it will link to their profile. Otherwise, it will link to their Twitter profile.

Post Tweets
If you give your twitter username AND password (which are encrypted and saved in our database **), you can post new tweets directly through Tweeter.

Update Status
Updates your status whenever you Tweet (from anywhere)

Prepend Status
Tweeters can have their status automatically prepended with text of their choosing.

Filter Tweets
Allows you to use regular expressions to filter out tweets you don't want added to your status. Can also use plain words to filter as well.

Reply Page
For any Tweeter's tweet, clicking the "since" date will show the tweet page with a reply form ready for immediate response. (94)

Can now view the history of Tweeters' tweets. (95)

Twitter Status
If we're having trouble connecting to twitter, we'll show when we made our last successful connection (122)

Facebook Status Change Sends Tweet
(not currently working due to recent changes on Facebook - we hope to have this resolved soon) ***
When a Tweeter manually updates their Facebook Status, Tweeter can send out a new tweet to Twitter (108)

** Note about password storage
Don't worry if you don't like giving out your password. We don't like having to ask. For starters, our settings form submits over a secure connection to our servers and we encrypt the password before storing it in our database. Ideally Twitter will eventually add oAuth or some equivalent so we won't have to do so.

*** Note about latest issues
Facebook Status => Twitter. I personally miss this one as it's one of the reasons I wrote this application in the first place. The new changes to Facebook have included closing access to users' status. I, for one, definitely appreciate everything FB does to protect our privacy, but in this instance they seem to be over-limiting. Obviously there are some of us who WANT our status to be accessed so it can be made public. FB doesn't seem to allow permission to READ a person's status, though oddly enough they offer access to WRITE a person's status.

I've tried to contact the FB people about this through forums and emails and haven't heard much of a way to resolve this. I've left the issue open as I figured it might be resolved during their change-over, which has been active for about 3 months now.

At any rate, I honestly hope both these issues are resolved shortly. I wish it were my own fault, as then my apology would be better given by solving the problem.


  1. Whatever we say really can't be turned back afterall with programs such as Tweeters Timeline around!

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