Thursday, March 12, 2009

6 Ways How I let my Twitter work for me

So I found something kind of like what Emily just posted, except about Twitter instead of blogging. A lot of people in class haven't really been able to get into Twitter and I think it's because a lot of people don't really see what the point is. On Digg (which I've gotten into thanks to Ian) I found this blog: 6 Ways How I Let My Twitter Work for Me It's really interesting and actually really helps. There were some things I never knew about Twitter while using it that I found to be pretty cool. For example, you can find search every link that people have tweet by using something called Tweet Deck. Pretty neat. It also tells you how to get people who have a lot of followers to follow you. Check it out!


  1. Very cool. I never thought you could get a job via Twitter or even advertise your website. And yeah for DIGG! I'm glad your using it. FYI, there is this kind of fun weekly video posting/blog called diggnation where the creators of digg comment on the top ten dugg stories. Check it out; you might like it:)

  2. Good link here too, and good to see at least a little discussion on your post. It's interesting how, when a new medium is introduced, there first is a concern with finding content to fill it, then as the content proliferates, it becomes necessary to develop other new media to help manage and organize the content.