Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Web 2.0" Continued

Although this is in response to my article from NY1 News about Web 2.0, I want to dedicate a post to what I have Stumbled Upon. After reading the article on NY1, on the bottom of the article I came across a line of icons I can click. As a result of this class, 3 of the 5 icons were familiar. The icons exist so you can have direct access to post the Web 2.0 article directly to the designated site. The icon lead you to the site for delicious.The second was a link for digg.The fourth was for facebook.The third and fifth icon I was unfamiliar with so I'll share my explorations of them with my fellow Social Mooses now :) :

StumbleUpon is a free service that helps you discover and share websites with others who have similar interests. The more you use our service, the more likely it is that you’ll “Stumble” across pages you like.

Mixx works very similarly to Stumbled Upon.Basically, you input what you're interested in and Mixx prepares and delivers the top-rated content for you from that category, specific group, or tag.


  1. I love stumbleupon! It's a great website when you are bored and you can customize it to show websites you might be interested in

  2. I have spend wayyyyy too many hours procrastinating by Stumbling! I've found so many great sites that way!