Tuesday, February 10, 2009

need a good laugh?

So I just found this HILARIOUS website and I thought I'd share it with everyone just for fun. Be careful though, if you're easily offended I would definitely not check it out. There are a lot of crude jokes and some might think it's too much information!
It's a little bit graphic, but it's so funny! It's random people leaving comments about bad and funny things that have happened to them which leave them to think "F my life!" You can also then agree, their life is f***ed... or vote that they had it coming to them! When I read some of these things I seriously could not stop laughing. Somehow the misfortunes of others make my life seem a little bit more normal.

Listening to: Elton John- Rocket Man


  1. fml is so funny! there are some great ones on there

  2. Yeah! Great job finding the site! I got quite a few laughs out of it.

  3. hmm, I thought it was ok, but not hilarious. Oh well.