Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Psychology of cyberspace!!!

Psychology of Cyberspace!!!

E-mail may be the most important, unique method for communicating and developing relationships since the telephone. First of all, it is easy to use. People also find it familiar and safe because it is similar in many respects to writing letters - minus the annoyances of addressing envelopes, licking stamps, and trips to the mail box. Of all the methods for developing relationships on the internet, it is the most common - and perhaps the most powerful. Although friendships and romances may indeed begin in chat rooms, instant messagin, avatar communities, blogs, or other environments, these relationships almost always expand into e-mail as a way to deepen the communication. It is a more private, more reliable, less chaotic way to talk. Even when other online tools improve greatly by becoming more effectively visual and auditory - as in video teleconferencing - e-mail will not disappear. Many people will prefer it because it is a non-visual and non-auditory form of communication. After all, we don't see people rushing out to buy video equipment to accessorize their telephone, even though that technology has been available for some time.
E-mail is not just electronic mail sent via the internet. E-mail communication creates a psychological space in which pairs of people, or groups of people, interact. It creates a context and boundary in which human relationships can unfold...

there's a lot more to this artiicle but its too long to post on here so feel free to check it out...i found it really interesting, the psychological aspects of email relationships...

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