Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hypertext and my online habits in the past two weeks

Hypertext is "a characteristic product of the late age of print, (and) it is deeply ambiguous." And like "Roland Barthes's notion of text- a dynamic network of ideas, indefinite in its boundaries and mutable over time." Unlike textbooks, hypertext gives a new age of print where there can be numerous web pages posted to a hypertext. Each web page within the hypertext can show you seperate ideas given by the author, through the use of different websites. Not only can each hypertext have many ideas and pages posted within it, but as Roland Barthes's talks about it can be changed throughout time. Where as a textbook can change its text through a series of new editing and publishing, hypertext only needs a push of a button to be changed.

Despite having this mass information within the internet there are many downfalls. My main downfall, that many of my classmates have posted on, is based on the person reading a hypertext and there level of procrastination. With a textbook you don't have many distractions except for the outside world, while with hypertext the internet is a distraction. By having everything and anything online, it is hard not to browse on ebay or music websites before reading an assignment online.

During the past few weeks I have found two new blogging sites I have never seen before. One of these sites is Zooped.com, very similar to myspace where people can sign up a have there own profile pages where they can acquire friends or look for people to follow them. The main difference for me is that the news feed is much more in depth and that zooped.com is a social network specifically used for business, music and personal BLOGGING. its all about blogging

Then I found a site that I fell in love with and I have been using everyday since I joined the site. Its called hypem.com, this site follows all music blogs around the web and based on a certain set of criteria posts the best songs written about on these different sets of blogs. I have already found a lot of music I have never heard of and now im really into it.


  1. Glad you found those sites. It would have been interesting to apply what you wrote about hypertext in the first part of this post to what you wrote about blogs in the second.

  2. oh, and your links to the two sites don't work!