Monday, February 9, 2009

social networking sites

As I was playing around with twitter, myspace, and other social media websites, I found a few interesting ones:


This website allows visitors who have an Orkut, Hi5, or MySpace profile to access everything in one place. With so many different types of social networking websites, power makes it very easy to access everything without having to go to several different websites. I tried logging on with my MySpace username but they are repairing the website or something like that, so it hasn't quite yet worked. Their website says visitors will also be able to access facebook, MSN messenger, and enjoy Yahoo and Hotmail integration very shortly.

While exploring twitter, I came across a few interesting things.
This site has a map of the world, on which twitter updates are shown. So if you update your status -- a picture of you, and your updated status will show up on the map from your location.
This shows the most popular words on twitter right now and is updated every few seconds.
Through this site you can type in the name of two twitter users and see their @ replies.

It was particularly interesting to find out how many different websites were created as a result of twitter.

This website allows you to create your own social network. I attempted to create a network, just to see what the website provides. You can create your own network, decide whether or not you want it public or private, and then do anything else any other social networking website allows you to do (upload pictures, videos, join groups, blog, write on discussion boards etc). It seems kind of like a yahoo or google group, because you can create your own name, pick you who want to add, but then again, all other social networking sites allow for that too.

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  1. Interesting. There are quite a few sites working off of twitter, like the ones you mention. Power concerns me because it is getting your password. I've seen a few people use ning, and it's interesting, but I think the highly specialized social network it provides goes against all that makes social networking valuable and attractive.