Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Daily Activities

Ever since the existance of Facebook I must admit I've had difficulty going a day without checking my messages on it. Everyday, at some point,I usually go on Facebook to contact my friends and check messages and invitations I may have received to events. Facebook comes especially handy when something happens that you'd like to let your friends know about but don't have the time to let them know individually ( for instance, losing my phone). Last week, within minutes of losing my phone and getting a new one I sent a note to all of my friends on Facebook to call or text me with their numbers and I have retrieved most of the phone number.Other than Facebook, I use Myspace. Myspace generally is looked upon a site where people are more 'exposed' than Facebook. However, I think otherwise. Maybe because when I first signed up for Facebook it was accessible to only college students,it made me feel like that's safer. But I think Facebook contains way too many fields for information.
After a week into this class I've realized how interesting Twitter is. It's a great site to network on similar topics of interest without the need of containing a section for updating 100's of pictures. I will be using Twitter a lot more now!

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  1. Glad to hear that twitter appeals to you. I would think that the different kinds of social media appeal to different types of personalities, and also occupations and situations.