Monday, February 9, 2009

My Exploration into Online Communities over the past week...

Over the past week I have been trying to gain more of an interest in being more active in social, online communities, and yes, it has worked! I have joined up with a bunch of new sites where I can interact with others that have the same interests; in this blog, I will show you some of them and how I perceive them.

This is a website where known, unknown, and aspiring music producers can interact with each other by sharing their tips, knowledge about equipment, and acapella's/instrumentals. People on here are generally pretty nice and helpful. For example, if you had a problem with a piece of equipment you just purchased, and you needed help, someone would reply to you within a day. It is a very active forum and Overall, I give it a 8/10 for the layout and easiness of use.

This is a website similar to, but more focused in on urban music news rather than all types of news. You can join the community by registering, and then you're free to go. It is less interactive if you choose to stay away from commenting and the social aspects of it, but that is not what I chose to do. They have a media section where new, unreleased songs are posted everyday, and I choose to comment on them (if i wish) and sometimes get in active debates with people. All in all, it is good for news on music, but I would not recommend it to any of our social moose.

I also joined an acapella and instrumental forum found at Lazy Records. This one is interesting because in order to gain the ability to download public instrumentals and acapellas, you must gain rep. Rep is given to you by people if you stay active in the community. It is a tough process for those who do not stay active, but if you follow up with your posts, it is pretty easy to obtain. 

Those were my adventures for the week on joining different online communities, and I feel they worked out pretty well. I ended up extending my social network online past my immediate friends, and it was not all that bad! I still remain updating on Twitter, but I am starting to give these sites a chance too! See you in cyberworld my fellow social moose.


  1. Thank you for your mention of Lazy Records.

    If you or any members who arrive via this blog sign up just Private Message username - DoA and you'll receive 20 free rep points as a thank you for blogging about us!

    Good luck!


    Lazy Records -

  2. Now that's cool. A great illustration of how social media work, and how "rep" is a matter of participation, what in more general terms had been called "net presence" back in the 90s.