Monday, April 20, 2009

Twitter Addict

For the past couple of weeks I have been getting more and more into twitter. For some reason every time I am able to use a computer with internet, I HAVE to look on twitter!! As of lately more of my friends have been joining and tweeting me, so I almost feel better about myself. But the truth is I am an ADDICT!! I cant use a computer without looking at twitter! No matter what people say I have a problem! I feel like a drug addict waiting for my next fix, waiting for the next tweet!!

In class we have seen numerous films on twitter all making fun of how crazy people are that use twitter. So I have been on a quest to look for a video that can make me feel more normal and not like a total nut. And I have finally found it--

For the people who have similar addictions, your not alone! and its OK

I also just started using twazzup a search engine for twitter uses a real time stream of updatesn showing top tweets and a list of top tweeted stories and topics. 
features- list of official twitter users who have tweeted about a certain subject which allows twazzup users to follow people they think are interesting

YES I AM AN ADDICT AND I NEED HELP!(damn twitter forever)

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  1. no help for you! but thanks for the video, basic, but basically a good introduction!