Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Digital Nation

In my documentary class we came across an interesting program on PBS. For their Frontline series there are a couple of documentarians and media analysts who are creating an interactive documentary called Digital Nation about our nation's dependency on the internet and other forms of media. The project explores how technology affects our daily lives. It stems from a documentary aired on PBS in 2008 called Growing Up. It followed teenagers and their interactions with the media. I thought that this project goes really well with a lot of the topics we've covered in class so far. 

I highly suggest checking out the PBS Frontline Digital Nation website and watching the videos. 


  1. Thanks for featuring the Digital Nation website in your discussion. One of the features of the website is Stories from Your Digital Nation, where our audience is encouraged to share their own stories of life in the digital age.


    It sounds like your class would have lots to say, so I encourage you to check out "Stories" and contribute!


    Stories from Your Digital Nation

  2. This certainly does illustrate the shift from a hierarchical model of artist/communicator and audience to one that's collaborative, and in some ways reminiscent of folk/oral culture.