Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Most Informative (and Entertaning) Money-Related Bloggers" according to MONEY magazine

I was recently flipping through my May issue of Money magazine and I've come across an interesting article on about who Money magazine considers the most entertaining and informative of the money-related bloggers and I've immediately thought of our class. I've come across great recommendations for helpful and cool sites from my classmates but I haven't come across recommending bloggers or sites of that sort which could help our often, poor selves. So with no further adieu, here are the four major players and where you may find them :) :

Tyler Cowan:
Mr. Cowan in the article is described as an economics professor at George Mason University and also a MONEY contributor.He discusses many issues that are economic and behavioral so I've observed that most of his blog is commentary on the crisis that we're in.

Brad DeLong:
Mr. DeLong is a Berkeley economics professor and when Clinton was president he was the deputy assistant Treasury secretary. He appears very liberal and as Money magazine described " you'll get a vigorous defense of liberal-leaning, interventionish economic policy, plus vivid prose." I think that paints the picture.

Paul Kedrosky:
Mr. Kedrosky is a venture capitalist vet and he uses his blog to point to interesting economic ideas around the web. Out of the four bloggers mentioned in the article, I found him the most helpful to me and what I'm looking for. I love the following quote that I think suites Mr. Kedrosky's approach and descriptions well on his take on global finance :"It's kind of like a traffic accident where the parts are still flying through the air.And when it comes back down, it's going to be very different."

Barry Ritholtz:
Mr. Ritholtz is the CEO of a quantitative research firm. He points out what he thinks is a misleading economic statistics and what he sees as the government's "criminal" bailouts of financial giants such as AIG. In other words, he's blunt and to the point and to me, that's very important when I'm looking at someone's opinion, on especially most importantly, monetary situations.


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