Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Site

Found this new interactive site that is similar to digg.com in that users submit the content but unlike digg, the editors choose which stories get on the front page. Warning for everybody: this is a site is kind of directed towards nerds as their slogan reads "News for nerds. Stuff that matters".

Anyways, the site was really fast in posting that story about the swine-flu virus and twitter being partially to blame for the panic that is currently being spread about it. Check out the article here: Twitter done killed us

Here is another cool posting that I thought you guys might enjoy. It is a video about this new speakers that are the size of paper. Check it out here: So tiny wow!!!

So check it out, slashdot.org. Cool site for both the nerd and aspiring nerds.

Also, found this great video on ted.com. This may be kind of contraversial but the name of the video clip is "Do schools kill creativity?"

Sir Ken Robinson references an idea brought up in the "did you know" video Profesor Strate showed us. He says that we have no idea what the future is going to looks like so how can we educate our kids and prepare them for it? To answer his own question he responds, "creativity is as important as being literate... and I think we squander our kids creativity too much."

Anyways, check out the video for the full scoop on why education is bad for creativity:
Education and creativity.

Alright. Fun times.

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  1. The video reminds me of Ivan Illich, a severe critic of schooling. Thanks for this and the other links!